About podiatry

doctorPodiatry is the medical specialty focused upon problems with the feet and ankles. Doctors Of Podiatric Medicine-also known as DPM’s-are specifically trained to diagnose and treat all pathology within the human foot/ankle. Podiatric physicians are educated in medical schools across the country involving a rigorous four-year medical curriculum. Further training after graduation from medical school is accomplished through the process of residency education. Most physicians seek further qualification through a process of board certification following their residency.

DPM’s work in a variety of clinical settings including private offices, multi-specialty clinics, orthopedic practices, wound care clinics, private hospitals, Veterans Administration Hospitals, and surgery centers.

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If you are interested in a career in podiatric medicine-please contact us to shadow and visit with one of our members about their career. You may also visit the American Association of  Colleges of Podiatric Medicine:


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