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AACPM actively recruiting DPM Mentors for new Network

Rockville, MD: The American Association of Colleges of Podiatric Medicine (AACPM) is pleased to announce the successful launch of the innovative, interactive DPM Mentors Network. Seeking to be an industry leader in the advancement of pre-health students’ understanding of careers in podiatric medicine, the new and robust DPM Mentors Network is a broad step forward in assisting the placement of pre-health students with mentors for shadowing opportunities. Additionally, the innovative DPM Mentors Network supports pre-health advisors and counselors from all universities and colleges with locating engaging and dynamic DPM speakers for on-campus student events.

With this successful launch, the AACPM is now actively enrolling podiatric physicians around the US to participate as a Mentor. Mentoring is a simple and easy way for podiatric physicians to become involved in career awareness and promotion activities in their communities. All practicing podiatric physicians are urged to become mentors; however, podiatric physicians who have practices within 100 miles of a college or university are actively encouraged to sign up.

  • Enrollment is free and simple: visit to sign up as a mentor/speaker.
  • Mentoring is a unique way to engage with the next generation of young physicians.
  • Availability for Mentoring and Speaking engagements can be tailored to fit your schedule.
  • Mentors will be given access to free tools and resources to use when mentoring/speaking.

Join a community of podiatric physicians who value opening their practices to the next generation of physicians: “To me being a mentor is priceless. Being able to share information, stimulate an individual’s interest and provide essential insight into our profession is so rewarding. I encourage others in our profession to consider becoming a mentor; I truly love it. Giving back, that’s what it’s all about!” – Kirk Geter, DPM, Howard University College of Medicine.